Client Story: Biogen

Biogen Idec has recently developed several valuable new treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and Hemophilia. These wonderful advancements have also led to necessary changes in Biogen Idec’s RTP manufacturing operations, where their manufacturing process must now manage a greater diversity in the product portfolio. Drawing on the latest research and innovative practices in manufacturing to help define the challenge was an opportunity for a Collaboratory with NC State.

Biogen Idec and NC State Executive Education have been engaged in a development series for several years, which made for a solid foundational partnership for the manufacturing analysis project. NC State Executive Education is not a consulting organization or solution provider. Our role in the Collaboratory is to help clients better define complex and ambiguous business challenges.

The Collaboratory kickoff brought together senior leaders from Biogen Idec manufacturing with experts at NC State. The eight NC State members included researchers and practitioners in industrial design, pharmaceutical manufacturing, operational systems, organizational structure, and other areas important to a re-design of the manufacturing environment.

The outcomes of the half-day session included greater confidence in what operational areas would need change, specific suggestions based on opportunities for innovation and change, and the ability to leverage NC State relationships to benchmark recent advances in manufacturing processes at other organizations. NC State faculty took away valuable case examples for their classes. A win-win experience.

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