NC State Collaboratories

Taking executive education to a place that today’s business complexity demands.

Remember when stepping back from a sticky problem helped identify a unique and valuable solution? Imagine having access to world-class thinkers and researchers to address your most challenging business issues. You bring the problems and opportunities; we bring the experts.

In half-day workshops, a Collaboratory is initiated by working with senior leaders to devise strategies, learn and manage innovation, influence cultures, identify boundary spanners, and transform businesses. Historically, executive education offerings limited the value of university-corporate partnerships to what could be experienced in the classroom. For our client engagements, the NC State Advantage leverages the knowledge and experience of our experts to address organizational challenges, and enables the realization of discovery and change as a natural part of our unique learning model.

Regardless of the area of focus, every custom-designed collaboratory has six essential characteristics:

  • Access to a network of global partners, industry experts and academic leaders, all with deep industry experience
  • An agreed-to business case with identified outcomes
  • Project management and delivery methodology matching organizational norms and culture
  • Research-based, proven and applied assessments and tools that expose actionable areas of improvement
  • Customized action learning designs that foster collaboration and real-time problem solving
  • A sense of accomplishment and shared ownership of business problems and solutions


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