Technical Skills Short Sessions

At various times in our careers, we all need to upgrade some of our core business skills to meet the demands of evolving roles. Whether it's in strategy, financial analysis, marketing, operations/supply chain, accounting/control systems, or another specific area of focus, our 'technical skills' sessions arm you with the tools you need to excel and provide insights on where the field is going in the future. If you do not see your specific area of interest listed below, please contact us so we can pair you with one of our SME's who can provide you the expertise you need.

Available sessions:

Session TitleDescription
Finance for Non-financial ManagersThis unique program experience helps leaders with no finance background understand the fundamentals of cash flow and statement analysis, as well as provide more experienced executives with insights on resource and investment planning.
The Future of Supply ChainThis session addresses the need for creating analytical insight that is critical for engaging stakeholders and delivering value. You will learn about innovative data leveraging, which is a fact-based, data-driven approach to driving change and influencing stakeholders to create value for the business.
Procurement LeadershipThis one-of-a-kind executive development program is designed specifically to provide high-potential procurement leaders with the tools and strategies needed to make dramatic improvements to their organization’s procurement practices in the digital age.


Fraud and Internal Control,  Leader Strategic Thinking, Portfolio Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Category Management, Supply Chain Contracting & Risk Management