Personal Leadership Short Sessions

Our personal leadership sessions help participants define and strengthen their ability to contribute to the organization's objectives, as well as their own.

“Organizations intent on building shared visions continually encourage members to develop their personal visions. If people don’t have their own vision, all they can do is sign up for someone else’s.”
–Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

Available sessions:

Session TitleDescription
Brand YOUThis session provides a hands-on reflective experience, allowing participants to consider their values and personal brand, and give thought to self-promotion.
Critical ThinkingIn this session, you will learn to use a structured approach to critical thinking by applying elements to analyze issues and generate solutions. Interactive assignments will provide practice in problem solving.
Influence Without AuthorityUnderstand your preferred influence styles and how to utilize influential approaches in various situations, regardless of your role in decision-making.
Leadership for Emerging LeadersThis session will help you examine the roles of organizational and individual leadership in producing innovation and creating high performance organizations.
Managing Critical Triggers in the WorkplaceLearn how to develop the understanding of, and gain the ability to manage, issues that “trigger” team disruption and poor performance in the workplace.


Inspirational & Transformational Leadership, Communicating with Senior Leaders, Courage and Resilience, Increasing Global Awareness, Improving Your Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Skills, Crafting a Strategic Vision, Negotiation and Collaboration, Ethics and Values Driven Leadership, Empowerment and Delegation, Self and Other Awareness, Managing Personal Change, Play for Performance, Managing the Pivot, Insights Assessment & Debrief