Solving Complex Communication Challenges

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About this Session

As employees, we respond to ideas and messages in different ways, and we all have our own unique preferences and instincts for communicating and processing information. That’s why it’s likely you’ve at least once suggested a great idea to your team or boss that fell flat, or you’ve failed to understand a colleague’s creative approach or motivation to a particular problem.

Using the I-opt assessment as a framework, this session will provide you with added skills to listen, understand and communicate more effectively with team members and critical stakeholders based on their unique characteristics so that you can minimize miscommunications and maximize the team’s collective strengths.

Program Details

Program length

2 – 4 hours

Date & Location

Clients can request their ideal dates and location when completing the session request form.


Rates are for groups of up to 30 participants*:

2-hour session: $3,500

4-hour session: $5,000

Additional costs apply per individual for I-opt assessment reports.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand preference profiles for communication
  • Tailor messages that drive action
  • Recognize how your coworkers listen to and deliver messages

Key Projects/Activities

  • Participants will complete the I-opt assessment and receive a personalized report for their use.

Who Should Attend?

  • This session is relevant to all working professionals, as communication can always be improved in any organization.

Facilitating your session is easy with our Program PACKages.

Every Short Session comes with a Program PACKage: a carefully-crafted toolbox designed to help you deliver your program with ease. Contents include:

  • resources for pre-program communications (to keep your participants informed about logistics/details for the upcoming session)
  • a ‘best practices’ guide to assist with in-session support for your participants (while your instructor delivers their content)
  • an outline for providing your participants with essential post-session follow-up communications

Don’t want to handle the planning? For an additional fee, you can hire one of our Exec Ed staff members to serve as your program manager; simply select the “Program Management Support” add-on option when completing your session request form.

Credential Opportunities

Individuals satisfactorily completing a course will receive documentation to apply for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours.

Past Participants

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*For organizations with far fewer than 30 participants, we will work to pair you with another organization to disperse the cost and maximize your value.