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About this Session

This session is designed to raise awareness of cultural similarities and differences around the world and how they influence working across cultural boundaries and in global teams. You will be exposed to the most evidence-based approach for understanding cultural values, and how such values influence work-related beliefs and attitudes.

Throughout the session, special attention is paid to how to increase the effectiveness of globally diverse teams. Additional topics covered include understanding your own cultural intelligence (CQ) and how to improve on the various dimensions within CQ. You will also learn about the leadership behaviors that are universally culturally endorsed and rejected, and those that are dependent on cultural differences.

Program Details

Program length

2 – 4 hours

Date & Location

Clients can request their ideal dates and location when completing the session request form.


Rates are for groups of up to 30 participants*:

2-hour session: $3,500

4-hour session: $5,000

Key Takeaways

  • Become exposed to the most evidence-based approach for understanding cultural values
  • Learn about your own cultural values
  • Learn the leadership behaviors that are universally culturally endorsed and rejected, and those that are culturally dependent
  • Be able to recognize the most important attributes of successful global leaders
  • Understand how cultural values influence work-related beliefs and attitudes
  • Understand your own cultural intelligence
  • Understand how to improve various dimensions within your cultural intelligence

Key Projects/Activities

Participants will engage through:

  • a hands-on roleplay used to demonstrate how different cultural values affect global performance.
  • team activities that allow you to practice various roles in fictitious companies.
  • post-roleplay discussions for the purpose of sharing experiences and formulating action plans for improving the functioning of global teams.

Who Should Attend?

  • Global team members/leaders
  • Organizational leaders moving to a global model

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Credential Opportunities

Individuals satisfactorily completing a course will receive documentation to apply for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours.

Past Participants

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*For organizations with far fewer than 30 participants, we will work to pair you with another organization to disperse the cost and maximize your value.