Organizational Leadership

NC State Executive Education specializes in supporting leaders efforts to drive innovation and change in their organizations. From early career team influencers to senior executives, these sessions will see your participants increase their skills to achieve organizational success by working with our subject matter experts who also have extensive industry backgrounds. Our organizational leadership sessions include specific project activities that allow participants to apply what they learn directly to organizational challenges and opportunities.

Available sessions in organizational leadership:

Session TitleDescription
Solving Complex Communication ChallengesGain skills to listen, understand and communicate more effectively with team members and critical stakeholders.
3D Team leadership: Leading 21st Century TeamsLeaders will learn how to properly diagnose the state of their teams, hone in on the element that needs attention, and seamlessly shift focus among the three components of teamwork.
Global Team LeadershipGain awareness of national cultural similarities and differences and how those influence working across cultural boundaries and in global teams. You will be exposed to the most evidence-based approach for understanding cultural values, and how such values influence work-related beliefs and attitudes.
Managing Change Effectively
Change is a constant, and requires skilled personnel at all levels and throughout every team to both plan and facilitate change. This program provides an engaging experience that will both instill fundamental process skills as well as insight into when and where effective change can be derailed.
Leading Matrix TeamsThe program clarifies why and where conflict arises within organizations utilizing the matrix organizational structure, and provides both guidance in the design of the structure and skill training to manage the critical relationships across the matrix.
Managing Critical Triggers in the WorkplaceLearn how to develop the understanding of, and gain the ability to manage, issues that “trigger” team disruption and poor performance in the workplace.


Organizational Design and Analysis, Decision Making in a Dynamic Environment, Expectations and Accountability, Building Effective Teams, Leading an Agile Organization, Managing Virtual Teams, Project Team Leadership, Creating an Innovative Culture, Building a Talent Development Pipeline, Managing Generationally Diverse Teams, Bright Spots and Divergent Thinking, Designing for Sustainability, Culture and Communication, Leading Change When Not In Charge, Leadership in a VUCA World, Project Management for Unofficial Project Managers, How to Develop Strategy, Strategic Human Capital Management, Problem Solving and Human Centered Design, Managing Remote Employees, Leader Strategic Thinking