Organizational Leadership Short Sessions

In these sessions, our subject matter experts will use their industry backgrounds and leverage engaging project activities to equip your participants with essential skills and knowledge they can apply directly to organizational challenges and opportunities.

Available sessions:

Session TitleDescription
3D Team leadershipLeaders will learn how to properly diagnose the state of their teams, hone in on the element that needs attention, and seamlessly shift focus among the three components of teamwork.
Closing the Generational GapThis unique and highly engaging session will engage every attendee, no matter the age, as they learn about the differences and similarities across the five generations in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create cross-generational synergy that drives results.
Enhancing Organizational CultureThis session describes how companies can successfully pursue new or improved cultures of agility, innovation, sustainability, ethics, and other cultural elements that are imperative for success.
Global Team LeadershipGain awareness of national cultural similarities and differences and how those influence working across cultural boundaries and in global teams. You will be exposed to the most evidence-based approach for understanding cultural values, and how such values influence work-related beliefs and attitudes.
Leading An Agile OrganizationIn this course, you will discuss challenging issues such as improving agility without compromising values, driving change with a small team, and rebounding from inevitable organizational challenges.
Leading Matrix TeamsThis session clarifies why and where conflict arises within organizations utilizing the matrix organizational structure, and provides both guidance in the design of the structure and skill training to manage the critical relationships across the matrix.
Managing Change Effectively
Change is a constant, and requires skilled personnel at all levels and throughout every team to both plan and facilitate change. This program provides an engaging experience that will both instill fundamental process skills as well as insight into when and where effective change can be derailed.
Solving Complex Communication ChallengesGain skills to listen, understand and communicate more effectively with team members and critical stakeholders.
Strategic Human Capital ManagementUnlock strategic tools to counter talent shortages, meet your new workforce’s expectations, appeal to your multi-generational workforce, and create a culture of engagement in a multi-generational environment.
Understanding and Motivating Gen ZIn this session, we will explore all of what we know about Gen Z so far relating to their behaviors, preferences and interactions. We will differentiate Gen Z from Millennials and discussing the keys points of contrast between the two youngest generations in the workforce, and what that means for your talent management.


Organizational Design and Analysis, Decision Making in a Dynamic Environment, Expectations and Accountability, Building Effective Teams,  Managing Virtual Teams, Project Team Leadership, Building a Talent Development Pipeline, Managing Generationally Diverse Teams, Bright Spots and Divergent Thinking, Designing for Sustainability, Culture and Communication, Leading Change When Not In Charge, Leadership in a VUCA World, Project Management for Unofficial Project Managers, How to Develop Strategy, Problem Solving and Human Centered Design, Managing Remote Employees, Leader Strategic Thinking