Innovation Short Sessions

T-shaped leadership describes the need for leaders to have both a technical expertise (depth) and the skills to work across disciplines (breadth). Our Innovation sessions offer T-shaped leaders the added skills needed to lead innovation efforts in their organization, from basic skills in managing change and design thinking, to advanced skills in disruptive innovation and business model development.

Available sessions:

Session titleDescription
Business Opportunity Identification and EvaluationThis session is designed to introduce you to foundational concepts in identifying business opportunities, as well as specific product and service opportunities within your organization.
Data Science and InnovationLearn about the analytic innovative cycle and how innovative thinking has impacted the fields of data science, including machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence.
Developing Innovative Business SolutionsLearn general areas of the Business Model Canvas, with an emphasis on leveraging the business model canvas to create a competitive advantage.
Influence Without AuthorityUnderstand your preferred influence styles and how to utilize influential approaches in various situations, regardless of your role in decision-making.
Innovation Led By Design ThinkingThis expert-guided workshop reveals the design fundamentals to build innovation confidence and competence.
Managing Change Effectively
Change is a constant, and requires skilled personnel at all levels and throughout every team to both plan and facilitate change. This program provides an engaging experience that will both instill fundamental process skills as well as insight into when and where effective change can be derailed.


Business Case Generation, Managing Disruptive Innovation, Intro to Family Business Topics, Managing Change Effectively, Organizational Design and Analysis, Leadership in a VUCA World, Communicating with Senior Leaders, Data Science Overview for Managers, Blue Ocean Strategy, Managing the Pivot