Data Science Short Sessions

Data science skills are essential for specialized professionals, but also support and improve data-driven decision-making by managers and executives. Our data science sessions develop skills for all three of these groups as they seek to reduce confusion and improve confidence in the workplace.

Available sessions:

Session TitleDescription
Data Science and InnovationLearn about the analytic innovative cycle and how innovative thinking has impacted the fields of data science, including machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence.


Problem Types and Forming the Question, Data Privacy and Protection, Statistics, Data Understanding, Data Quality, Data Wrangling, Visualization, Modeling 101, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Applications, Model Optimization, Model Validation, Problem Types and Forming the Question, Research Methods, Data Acquisition, Data Grievance and Ethics, Databases, Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering, Data Pipeline, Data Annotation, Model Selection, Solution and Test Driven Design, Model Version Maintenance and Management, Deep Learning, Graphical Data Mining, Cognitive Computing, Analytics Taxonomy with R Commander, Data Guided Decision Process, Unstructured and Structured Data, Leading a Data Analytics Workforce, Converting Data into Information and Knowledge, Process Mapping, Data Warehousing, General Into to Concepts and Principles of Data Science, Data Analytics 101, Data Science Overview for Managers