Senior Leaders


At NC State, we are working on solutions to the challenges that are keeping you up at night.

In 2010, IBM’s research study of CEOs recognized the most significant challenge facing senior leaders had shifted from driving organizational change (how do we reach our goals) to that of understanding and interpreting business complexity (what should our goals be). In 2014 the same IBM research process recognized the most critical skill in dealing with complexity is collaboration (where do we look for guidance and solutions).

At NC State, arguably the most talent-rich university with a wealth of diverse and unique experts, the Collaboratories was created to aid senior leaders of our partner organizations as they seek solutions to their challenges.

In addition to solutions designed specifically for your context, we have several opportunities to collaborate and learn from peers in other organizations:

When it comes to implementing organizational change, our faculty can develop business unit and execution leaders at all levels. Here are examples of how we have helped other senior leaders drive change.


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