FastTrack Series

FastTrack helps individuals develop analytical, leadership and innovation skills. Courses last 4 hours and take place in-person in either Research Triangle Park or NC State’s Centennial Campus. Learning is practical and experiential and is designed to give you knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply back at work.

Enrollment is open – participants from different organizations learn from each other by sharing diverse perspectives and experiences. Whether you have just started your career or you are reinventing it, FastTrack will help you become more effective in leading yourself, leading your team, and ultimately leading your organization.

* CPE: NC State Executive Education is happy to provide you documentation to support claiming CPE credits with your respective professional association. 

Analytic Programs

    • Strategic Analysis/Planning
    • Product Management
    • Financial Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Data Analytic Tools
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Pricing Strategies

Leadership Programs

    • Coaching
    • Empowering/Delegating
    • Influencing Without Authority
    • Leading Project Teams
    • Leading Virtual/Global teams
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Understanding Generational Differences

Innovation Programs

    • Aligning With the Organization Strategy
    • Business Plan Development
    • Design Thinking
    • Leading Change
    • Presenting Your Ideas
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Team/Organization Decision-Making
    • Team Design/Development

January 2017

1/13 – Influencing Without Authority

Few of us have positional power to drive action, but rather rely on skills in building relationships building and motivating others without having direct authority.  This session will provide insights on how to enhance your skills to influence work effectively across organizational boundaries. Faculty: Beth Ritter

1/25 – Basics of Building a More Independent Workplace

Speed and agility in the workplace require teams that are capable of acting independently and take action that is in the best interest of the organization. This 4-hour class will lay the groundwork for understanding what is necessary to build a more self-directed workplace. Faculty: Scott Brown

February 2017

 2/3 – Communicating Effectively for Innovation

Have you ever suggested a great idea and it fell flat with your team or your boss? Or found out that you didn’t understand a colleague’s creative approach or motivation? This FastTrack session will provide you with added skills to listen, understand and communicate more effectively with team members and critical stakeholders. Faculty: Beth Ritter


 2/10 – Moving from Hindsight to Foresight

How we think has a significant impact on our ability to analyze, innovate and lead in organizations.  This hands-on workshop provides a structured approach to enhancing your thinking. You’ll also learn how to recognize the most common language barriers that hinder a complete and reasoned understanding of an issue or problem. Faculty: Dr. Eileen Taylor


 2/17 – Value Propositions and Elevator Pitches

Learn how to sell your ideas more effectively to internal and external clients. Participants will learn how to use tools for building a business model, communicating this effectively with senior leaders/funders and improve their success rate with research-based techniques of persuasion. Faculty: Dr. Jeff Pollack


 2/22 – The Digital Supply Chain Era

As organizations move to an environment characterized by cloud computing, distributed computing, and mobile applications, it will be more important to understand where and how these technologies can create value and support decision-making in the end to end supply chain. This session will provide a checklist of of issues to help participants think through how these changes will impact their jobs and working environment. Faculty: Dr. Robert Handfield

 2/24 – Using Big Data for Decision Making

To gain a competitive advantage, companies are turning to advanced analytics in such topics as supply chain management, early stage market research, product development, competitor analysis, economic trends and even human resource management. This session introduces participants to IBM Watson and Text Analytics and provides an overview of how to use Big Data Analytics to make strategic business decisions and to guide the efforts of others to collect, store an analyze data. Faculty: Tim Michaelis

March 2017

 3/1 – Coaching Skills for Supervisors and Managers

Anyone who is responsible for getting work done through others must learn to balance the need to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as possible with the need to develop the employee’s abilities to act more independently. This 4-hour class will arm supervisors and managers with the tools to successfully coach their employees and teams. Faculty: Scott Brown


 3/1 – Design Thinking

Innovation is as essential as it is difficult. Organizational cultures capable of “inventing the future” are rare, but the discipline of design provides people with tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities, and create impactful, innovative solutions. Faculty: Dr. Leigh Shamblin


 3/3 – Leading Matrix Teams

Is your organization designed as a matrix (i.e. projects and functional units; business management and technical experts; local and global leadership, etc)?  This session provides attendees enhanced communication, conflict resolution and influencing skills to work effectively across the matrix. Faculty: Dr. Dan McGurrin

 3/15 – Developing Accountability in Your Teams

Organizations can only reach their true potential when people are accountable for their actions. Too often organizations suffer from a culture of hiding and blaming, which keeps them from excelling. Having a culture where the right people are doing the right thing is no accident – it requires thoughtful planning and disciplined leadership. Faculty: Scott Brown

 3/22 – Strategy Matters at Any Level

Strategy is about the future – how to create and capture value for customers in the years to come. Rooted in today, but informed by the trends, forces, and opportunities of tomorrow. This FastTrack session is designed for working professionals at all levels. Faculty: Greg Hopper

 3/24 – Managing Across 5 Generations

For the first time in modern history, five generations are working side-by-side. Members of these five generations bring diverse skills and expectations into the workplace. Are you ready to manage teams with vast differences in work patterns and expectations, communication styles, and levels of digital literacy? This FastTrack Session will help you understand how members of each generation prefer to work and how to leverage generational diversity to improve the work environment and job performance. Faculty: Dr. Brad Kirkman

 3/31 – Using Social Analytics for Business Advantage

There is a growing interest in determining whether social media analytics can provide new insight into business performance. But, are these new data sources optimal or adding noise for timely decision making? This FastTrack session will help you use social insights to cut through the noise to better inform decision making in timeliness of messaging, brand influence, and other key areas across competitive marketing landscapes. Faculty: Dr. Bill Rand

April 2017

 4/5 – Foundations of a Strong Organizational Culture

Whether you are in a long-established company or a start-up, leaders have a responsibility to set the culture that the organization needs to thrive. This half-day workshop will give leaders valuable tools that they can use right away – 1/2 to 3/4 of every hour will be spent putting knowledge to work. We will use group discussions and worksheets to tackle actual challenges participants face, rather than case studies and theories. Faculty: Scott Brown


 4/12 – Managing Change Effectively

A year of experience in one-half day. Roll up your sleeves and tackle a realistic change project. You and your team will lead a change initiative from analysis through to planning and implementation all within an engaging, low-risk simulation experience. Faculty: Dr. Brad Kirkman


 4/19 – Delegation and Empowerment

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you managing today’s goals AND expected to find tomorrow’s growth?  This session will provide techniques and activities to improve your confidence in empowering others without letting go of your control over quality and effectiveness. Faculty: Dr. Roger Mayer


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