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Paul Mugge

Innovation Professor; Executive Director, CIMS

Nelson Hall 1307


Paul Mugge is Director of the Center for Innovation Management Studies and Innovation Professor at NC State University’s Poole College of Management. Paul comes to the position with more than 35 years of service with IBM where he led the reengineering of its Market Planning and new product development (IPD) process under the leadership of IBM Chairman and CEO Lou V. Gerstner. This experience taught Paul that the ‘way’ in which products and services are developed is essential to creating winning products. Product and service innovation is more than ‘good engineering’ and broader than the R&D function – it is the result of informed, cross-disciplinary team (marketing, field service, finance, procurement, etc.) working to a common model and supported with world-class processes and tools.

The cornerstone of the CIMS approach is its Innovation Management (IM) Framework. CIMS developed this construct to help make complex, interrelated challenges easy to visualize and understand. The IM Framework takes the mystery out of innovation management by breaking it down into elements that can be learned, practiced, measured and ultimately improved. At CIMS, the IM Framework is the foundation for many of the assessments, tools, programs and training it offers members and clients.

Department and Affiliations

Center for Innovation Management Studies

Research Areas


B.S., Mathematics, Arkansas State University (1967)