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Kristina Natt Och Dag

Director of the Kanof Institute for Physicians Leadership



Dr. Natt Och Dag has a PhD in Workforce and Human Resource Education from North Carolina State University. Her specific areas of interest are authentic and ethical leadership as well as women and leadership. She has a master’s degree in Human Rights from Lund’s University in Lund, Sweden and has been working in the field of training and development in the corporate as well as the non-profit sector. She also served on the Committee for Women, Leadership and Human Rights, one of the streams for the 2013 ILA Global Women and Leadership Conference, which generated the Asilomar Declaration, a document building from the UN Women’s Conference in Beijing 1995. She is a scholar-practitioner member of the Academy of Human Resource Development and also provides consulting services to organizations in the United States as well as in Europe.  She currently is  working on a book chapter about the development of Authentic Leadership.