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Jat Thompson

NC State Executive Education Faculty



Jat Thompson is the founder and president of Horizon Performance, an organization built on his expertise in personnel selection, performance management, and leadership development. He is a proud graduate of North Carolina State, where he received his doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology. Jat has spent the last twelve years working with the U.S. Army Special Forces on an array of projects that include: providing performance counseling using 360 degree assessment instruments; training instructors on how to deliver effective performance feedback; designing adaptability training exercises; and teaching elicitation techniques. Furthermore, he has considerable experience in developing customized assessment and training tools utilized in special operations selection and training environments. Over the past seven years he has focused on the development of an advanced evaluation system for the U.S. Army Special Forces which is designed to report an individual’s strengths and weaknesses for a specified number of performance dimensions. Dr. Thomson’s most recent work includes implementing similar assessment and development programs for the Marine Special Operations Command, monitoring Astronaut behavior and team cohesion on deep space flight missions, and evaluating NFL players.