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Herle McGowan

Teaching Associate Professor, Statistics



Dr. Herle McGowan is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. In addition to teaching both large service courses and upper-level courses for statistics majors, Dr. McGowan mentors graduate and undergraduate students as part of the statistics major, Park Scholars, Pack Promise, and Preparing the Professoriate programs on campus. She is a recent recipient of NC State’s Outstanding Teacher Award.

Dr. McGowan’s scholarship is in the field of statistics education, which focuses on how students learn statistics and how to best teach statistical concepts. In particular, she is interested in the use of educational technology and course redesign. In one recent redesign project, she helped restructure a large lecture course to make the learning experience more efficient for students by making better use of electronic delivery of content while still maintaining a personal element to the course. This restructuring also made the course more cost-efficient for the university, increasing course capacity by 50% using the same resources, while simultaneously reducing the size of individual class sections.

Dr. McGowan completed her Ph.D. in Statistics in 2009 at the University of Michigan, where she was a recipient of the Rackham Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award.