Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Research indicates that emotional intelligence is directly correlated with performance and is a major contributor to leadership and personal excellence. Having this skill set can allow leaders to read a room quickly, identify the motives of others, and more easily convey respect and empathy. While soft in nature, these skills are just as critical as more traditional leadership skills like time management and communication skills.

In this session, our instructor will guide you through experiential exercises to help you tune in to the emotions, motives, and unique characteristics of yourself and others, allowing you to navigate the spoken and unspoken motives and behaviors in a leadership setting.




I really enjoyed Myra’s stories, which helped me follow on a personal level.

former session participant

This session provided a wealth of information. I had already covered much of this territory in my MBA program and other NCSU programs, so I thought it would be repetitive, but it wasn’t!

former session participant


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