Women in Technical Leadership

Join other women working in STEM careers to explore the unique challenges facing women as they navigate growth and leadership tracks within traditionally male-dominated fields.

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2021 Program Dates

  • March 10th, 17th and 24th
  • June 9th, 16th and 23rd
  • October 19th – 21st





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*Program fee includes all class materials, simulation license fees, personal coaching sessions and invitations to all future program alumni networking events.

Despite more women pursuing careers in science and technology than ever before, an increasing number are also abandoning these fields prematurely. While all aspiring leaders face adversity, men continue to fill the majority of leadership roles in these fields. The resulting gender imbalance has left many ambitious, talented women questioning both their value and long-term viability in their once boldly-chosen career paths.

To combat these challenges, Women in Technical Leadership teaches high-potential businesswomen in STEM fields the specific strategies and tools they need to demonstrate and communicate their value more effectively to key stakeholders, and expand their portfolio of leadership experiences in their field.

Over the course of three days, participants will learn skills in negotiation, conflict management, emotional intelligence, design thinking, change management, and more; all directly and immediately applicable to advancing their careers and overcoming the challenges they face as women in science and technology.

Additional benefits

Registration also includes:

  • lifetime invitations to all future networking events with our community of program alumni.
  • A digital badge that highlights your new skills and credentials, which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile or other digital platforms.
  • Participation in post-program individual coaching sessions with our experts to help you reach your next career milestone.

After a very lengthy process, I was selected for the site COO role. I was announced last month and have been loving every minute so far. …Thank you so much for your mentoring and support. The WiTL program and the coaching you provided allowed me to take the time to question what I wanted to do and how I prioritize the items in my professional and personal life.”
— anonymous program alumna 

We're moving women in tech forward.

Voted “Best Open Enrollment Program” for 2019 at the 42nd Annual Conference on Management & Executive Development (CMED)

Key Takeaways

After this program, you will be able to…

  • Navigate the “double bind” challenge facing women in leadership; that is, If they’re assertive leaders, they may be viewed as domineering and abrasive, thus encountering resistance; if they aren’t assertive enough, they may be viewed as weak making it potentially more challenging to get support within the organization
  • Use emotional intelligence to judiciously yet empathetically manage interpersonal relationships
  • Leverage design thinking principles to drive innovation
  • Understand your personal communication preferences and those of others
  • Identify critical decision points when managing change
  • Outmaneuver typical negotiation traps to which women are often susceptible

Program Agenda

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Program Sessions

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Members of the Women in Technical Leadership program will receive a digital badge of completion, helping you instantly verify your professional or technical expertise. Add your digital badge to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievement.

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Who should attend

  • Early to mid-career women in technical roles aspiring to improve their leadership effectiveness and impact and advance within their current career path
  • Women in fields where they are in the gender minority, including: engineering, software use/development, IT, data science, analytics, supply chain, biotech, and scientific research
  • Identified high-potentials seeking to lead organizational change initiatives
  • Women seeking to inspire others and create influence at all levels of their organization


***Participants should have technical backgrounds and tech-oriented responsibilities within their current job role***


Suzanne Jacobs, Innovation Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

“I’m the only woman on my team at work. When I spent three days in a room full of women, it showed me a dimension of what work would be like if I engaged with women more often. It was very refreshing and eye-opening to be with a group of women in the same field sharing insights and approaches. It was powerful! As a participant in the inaugural program, I was amazed at both the quality of the content and the engagement between everyone involved. I can only imagine how much better this is going to get over time."

Maithry Taranatha, Digital Product Manager at BASF

“The program helped me hone my skills as a leader by providing a deeper understanding of leadership styles and emotional intelligence behind it, leveraging channel of influence for negotiations and conflict management. I learned how broadening the aperture of one’s view could change the perspective of a challenge at hand and hence solutions that can be delivered. The program provided me with a new and better framework of success that will help me listen with empathy, understand a problem insightfully and deliver solution in an innovative, effective and efficient way."

Preethi Thomas, Software Engineering Associate Manager at Red Hat

"I attended first The Women In Tech leadership training at NC State from June 12-14. The experience level of the attendees was diverse, including individual contributors and women with wide range of experience in leadership roles. Overall, this program was three days well spent networking and learning new strategies and tools to sharpen my leadership skills with an amazing group of women.”

Kelsi Mariani, Project Manager at Siemens Industry, Inc

"As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have spent the majority of my career as the only female on my team. Being surrounded by so many empowering women in the Women in Tech Leadership program, I was able to discover a confidence in myself that I didn’t know existed. I am so pleased with the growth I’ve seen in myself since the program and look forward to the continued growth as I now have a network of amazing women who will continue to raise each other up."


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Questions about this program? Please email our program director, Myra Moses, at mgmoses@ncsu.edu.