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Strategic procurement is core to an organization’s success in a competitive market. Our unique executive development program has been designed specifically for high-potential procurement leaders who want to continue their professional development, but also need to have an ongoing impact on business performance.

Participants will be given the frameworks and tools necessary to understand the conditions under which different types of procurement strategy have the potential to create economic value and competitive advantage.

Through self-assessment, case studies, group dialogue and interactive time together, participants will create and present a specific program or project strategy ready to take back and present to the C-suite.


“The next big wave of change will be on understanding the business well enough to apply the tools that will drive a total cost model that spans the end-to-end value stream. Traditional purchase leveraging and strategic sourcing has gotten in the way of that. We need to approach supply chains with a different tool-belt, depending on the different business drivers and geographic components that are in play. We have become too focused on getting an answer, rather than focusing on an outcome. Procurement needs to spend much more time understanding the need during the pre-award phase of the business, and this will require a completely different set of competencies than what we’ve had in the past.”

Rob Handfield, PhD
“The LIVING Supply Chain: The Imperative of Operating in Real Time”
Executive Director of the SCRC at NC State
Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management


Key Benefits

  • Receive a benchmark analysis
  • Identify challenges
  • Gain insights
  • Learn how to drive change
  • Enage
  • Share insights and lessons

Key Takeaways


  1. Understanding the roadmap followed by successful procurement and supply chain organizations
  2. Diagnosing your own situation from multiple perspectives to identify opportunity



  1. What procurement and supply chain management will really look like in a digital age
  2. Profiling the procurement and supply chain people needed to deliver the future



  1. How to deliver change in procurement and supply chain that has an organizational impact
  2. Dealing with the biggest barriers to change faced by procurement and supply chain.


Who should attend

  • Identified high-potentials seeking to lead organizational change initiatives
  • Managers who want to move from being successful value creators to game-changers
  • Individuals who need a launchpad for their stretch assignment
  • Project leaders who are or will be responsible for a complex transformative project
  • Individuals seeking to develop their influence over others at all levels of the organization


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