Innovation Leadership Consortium: Project Details

Innovation Projects provide an essential learning element to the Innovation Leadership Consortium. Participants are able to apply their learning to a specific opportunity, and make a formal presentation to senior leaders. 

The project selection should:

  • Define a general opportunity/challenge facing the company
  • Allow participants to validate/refine the project objective during Module 1

Shared Learning – Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the general nature of their project with program peers. All discussions are protected under the BGIC NDA, but participants can abstain from sharing any information they feel is confidential.

Project Sponsors/Mentors – These individuals provide support in the selection of the projects, engage with the teams during the intersession as projects evolve, and provide guidance prior to final presentations.

Project Coaches – NCSU faculty experts will support the teams during and after the program throughout the development of their projects. All team project discussions will be private, and protected under an NDA.

Project team details:

  • Comprised of 4-6 participants each
  • Plan regular check-ins with sponsor/mentor
  • Set check-in meetings with NC State professor between the first and second program modules, and after Module 2 prior to their final presentation