Innovation Leadership Consortium

"To innovate forever is not an aspiration, it is a design specification. It is not a strategy; it is a requirement.” — Geoffrey Moore

Program Overview

Program Details

Upcoming Program Dates

January – May, 2021




$3,500 per person or
$12,000 per team of 4 – 6

The Innovation Leadership Consortium is a highly-engaging program experience that equips high-potential innovators and leaders with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to drive innovation and turn passions into viable products or practices. 

This multifaceted program combines direct instruction from our university’s leading subject matter experts in innovation with an immersive project component that allows small teams from sponsoring organizations to apply their newly-learned knowledge to a real, self-identified innovation challenge unique to their organization with the guidance of our expert coaching.

At the end of this program, participants will have learned how to successfully identify and validate innovation opportunities for their organization, as well as gained the personal experience of having led and executed a “real-world” innovation initiative first-hand. Historically, many projects conceived through this program have turned into viable business cases for sponsoring organizations.


Program Model Breakdown

Pre-program: Participants and project teams are identified, followed by identification of each team’s project and an initial meeting between each team and their respective sponsors and team mentors.

Module 1: Participants attend a two-day Analytics and Innovation Seminar led by five of the university’s leading experts who share their expertise in strategic innovation, design thinking, developing an innovation value proposition, market/customer analysis and innovation data science tools. This provides participants with the foundational skills needed to tackle strategic innovation challenges. 

Intersession: For the weeks between the program’s first and second modules, participants work in small teams on an innovation project for their organization with the guidance of an executive-level sponsor.

Module 2: After the intersession, participants attend a 2-day Business Model & Leadership Skills Workshop. The workshop features sessions on change management, team leadership, business case development, organizational influences on innovation and leadership skills for innovators. This further aids teams in their ability to execute their innovation projects and prepare them for future innovation leadership challenges.

Post-program: For the next 6 – 8 weeks, participants continue to work on their projects with the help of post-program coaching and project management support, leading up to a final presentation to key executives at their organization.


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Key Takeaways

For participants:

  • Learn unique knowledge and best practices on innovation leadership
  • Engage with peers from across your organization on a shared strategic business project
  • Receive coaching and support tools during project data gathering, selection and implementation
  • Gain valuable exposure to new methods, outlooks, and networking opportunities
  • Learn the language and gain the confidence needed to get buy-in from essential personnel on proposed innovation initiatives 
  • Use newly-learned tools and methods to write value propositions and build successful business cases for new ideas
  • Learn to look at ideas and concepts differently and in a more sophisticated and holistic manner
  • Learn and practice advanced presentation skills in preparation for your team’s formal presentation to senior leaders
  • Receive a certificate of completion in innovation leadership

For sponsors:

  • Develop personnel who can directly impact your organization using newly-learned innovation techniques and the experience and applications gained through the program’s project component
  • Provide personnel with an opportunity to learn how to design solutions tailored to your organization’s needs 
  • Provide personnel with a shared learning environment where they will benefit from learning internal and external best practices
  • Develop a common language that benefits the company as a whole when evaluating project proposals
  • Save on tuition fees through our team rate 

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders responsible for identifying and driving new growth opportunities, or high-potentials being primed for such roles
  • Professionals who want to progress more easily to higher level positions and start thinking differently about innovating both internal processes and new technologies

Note: The program model provides the greatest benefit when project teams are comprised of members from the same organization. For this reason, organizations are encouraged to sponsor attendance of one or multiple small groups of 4 – 6 individuals. However, individuals who are sole representatives of their organization will be grouped with other “independent” participants or with a group from another organization.


Past Participants



This program is open to individuals from any organization, however there is an increased value for organizations who send small teams of 4 – 6 employees.

Interested participants or sponsors should email Dan McGurrin, Director of NC State Executive Education, at