Data Science Programs

NC State supports the efforts of individuals and organizations seeking to leverage data science tools to improve business decisions. In order to truly leverage these tools, an organization must have alignment among the executive leaders, unit managers and data science experts.

Coming soon, individuals across all industries will have the opportunity to work with our stellar data science instructors to develop core data analytic skills, learn how to prepare a data science project, and even progress toward a degree in data science through our newly redesigned open enrollment data science program series.

Currently, clients have the option of working with us to develop a custom data science program, like those we have developed for companies including Infosys and Cisco. Clients can also schedule a half-day session in data science through our Short Sessions series.

To inquire about developing a custom data science program, click here.

For questions about our upcoming open enrollment data science series and certificate offerings, contact Dan McGurrin at

The Challenge: At a time of New Tools and Analytic Capabilities, between 2012-15 there was an increasing perception of insufficient Data Science maturity at most companies.


Data Science Adoption Digital transformation at all levels helps organizations leverage data science tools to improve business decisions.

Data Science Instructors

Our data science training team includes leading experts from the Computer Science department, Statistics and Mathematics department, and the Poole College of Management.