This is your time to shine! As a mid-career leader with a track record of experience and expertise, organizations will be looking to you to lead significant innovation and growth projects. Whether it is in a management role or a technical expert with a specialized skill set, you are the right person to lead the team. The demands of the role, however, may be helped with a few additional tools and talents. Where are your gaps?

Mid-career leaders leverage three types of skills: Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation expertise. We like to call our graduates I-Shaped Leaders.

What is I-Shaped?



Vertical Depth in your Field (I) – Mid-Career leaders need on-going development to maintain and enhance their technical depth, including skills that are offered in our FastTrack Analytic programs, Data Science, and Business Essentials.

Relationship Skills to Influence Others (T) – To be successful in today’s diverse, global organizations, technical experts must also improve their leadership skills (the top of the ‘T’, indicating managing relationships outside your expertise)FastTrack Leadership programs and Data Science address areas in need of development to improve your comfort and skill working outside your discipline.

Innovation Skills  – For some, a T-shaped expertise (analytic and leadership skills) will be sufficient.  For Innovation leaders, who help their organizations drive growth and change, we offer specialized programs that offer advanced skills in leading innovation efforts. FastTrack Innovation programs.


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