HR Agile Event with Fabiola Eyholzer

On Monday, May 15, NC State Executive Education hosted Fabiola Eyholzer, a leading expert on Agile HR and CEO of JLS –  Just Leading Solutions. Fabiola spoke on the importance of bringing an HR program into the 21st century, by replacing a traditional approach, with a more Agile People solution.

Here are some highlights of Fabiola’s talk:

“Lean | Agile is a business and leadership philosophy, fit to match the challenges of the Digital Age”, says Fibiola. “Agile is based on a philosophy of values, principles and practices.”

Human resources is experiencing a huge transformation. We are in a time where HR will not condone “weak managers and uninspiring leaders.” Human resource managers must hire for attitude and fit. After those employees are hired, it’s important to eliminate employee appraisals and move to an “iterative performance flow”: Set inspiring goals and clarify expectations, continuously inspect and adapt and embed this into the workflow. We need to offer more meaningful growth opportunities and move talents across the organization. Get money off the table and recognize people in a meaningful way.

Can these practices be incorporated into your company? To learn more, download the Agile HR with SAFe ® white paper.


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