Exec Ed 2.0

New tools and programs to meet the ever changing challenges and demands of learning and development professionals.

Exec Ed 2.0

For L&D leaders, limited resources and the dynamic forces in today’s organizations have made it increasingly difficult to offer support for both strategic innovation and on-going leader development. For this reason, NC State Executive Education will be offering several new programs and services in the near future as part of our Exec Ed 2.0 initiative, specifically designed to support the needs of our L&D partners through the provision of expert partners who can fill existing gaps in their internal service models. Below are the first five of these services, which cover strategic support, early career development, coaching, structured credentialing of training programs, and the development of internal subject matter experts (SMEs). In the coming months, we will announce the launch of these new offerings, made available exclusively to our L&D partners.

The Bridge Onboarding Program

Developed in response to an increasing demand for employee onboarding and intern program support, our Bridge Onboarding Program model will offer individual sessions led by our subject matter experts (SMEs) that can be integrated with your internal leaders and efforts. It will also offer a new certificate series that will start new employees on a multi-year development path.

Performance and Personal Coaching

Regardless of the quality of development experiences, participants often face the challenge of successfully applying their newly-acquired skills. For this reason, we are incorporating post-event performance and personal coaching sessions to many of our programs, led by certified coaches with extensive professional coaching experience.

Micro-Credentialing and Custom Stackable Certificates

Our university certificates will offer a series of programs your employees can complete to receive clearly-defined credentials and certifications, thus verifying their proficiency and expertise in the specific areas most valuable to your organization. Credentialing and certificate program components will include SME sessions, support for projects/application of learning, proficiency assessments, and stackable recognition at each certificate stage, along with the flexibility to integrate components of your existing development models.

Master Facilitator Training

Many topics are best taught by internal experts. However, not all experts are skilled facilitators. Through our facilitator training, our experienced faculty facilitators will prepare your experts for effective session delivery. Your experts can also choose to complete a certificate-level training program to become master facilitators.


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