Design Process

The NC State Custom Program design process recognizes that organizations today are facing challenges that are difficult to define. As we work with you to build a custom model, we consider the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) nature of your world. Our four-step model is flexible, to adapt to organizational and market shifts that will likely take place during the custom development process.

The entire custom design process is expected to take two to six weeks, depending on availability of key stakeholders to engage in the process. The process exceeds six weeks only in cases where custom materials need to be developed (ie. a case reflecting your internal environment).


Step 1: Learning goals

A program director will work with your team to define the program outcomes and expected impact on the business that will be  used to measure program effectiveness.

Step 2: Design model

Our team will propose an approach to achieving the goals, considering the broad expertise available at NC State and our partners, the various delivery options (virtual, on-site, simulations, lab-setting, etc.), and provide you with a estimate of the expected costs.

Step 3: Iterative program development

The core faculty and program team will manage a three-stage iterative process, crafting the model from a basic outline and suggested learning materials, to a highly customized program that reflects your context.

Step 4: Pilot with decision-makers

Unique to NC State, we offer a pilot experience for internal decision-makers, to present the learning experience, gather feedback to improve the effectiveness (for both faculty and participants) from the first delivery, and help you gain support for the launch.

The result of these and other discussions will be a highly customized design that will achieve the learning outcomes, while keeping design and development costs low. Additionally, after every delivery the impact and effectiveness of the program is assessed with you using a variety of evaluation methods. Prior to the next delivery, the learning objectives are once again reviewed to fit with leader and organizational development needs. The design is altered as needed, creating an adapted approach built on the successful aspects of the previous program but addressing the changing context of the organization. This ability to adapt, and address VUCA challenges, is a hallmark of NC State’s custom programs.



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