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NC State supports the efforts of individuals and organizations seeking to leverage data science tools to improve business decisions. In order to truly leverage these tools, an organization must have alignment among the executive leaders, unit managers and data science experts.

Data Science Chart
Data Science Chart

About our Data Science Program Series

A stellar faculty, matched with a multi-disciplinary curriculum, will provide students and executives the skills they need to become data science leaders.

Develop core data analytic skills, learn how to prepare a data science project, and even progress toward a degree in data sciences with the Data Science program series, offered through NC State Executive Education. Most of our programs are delivered in short sessions online, allowing participants to learn within their work context and take back key learnings and insights to address big data problems in their workplace. The Data Science Series can be delivered as a unique corporate customized program or is also available in open class sessions to adapt to particular client needs. What truly sets our series apart from other available options are NC State’s world-class faculty and their real-world experiences to help you hit the ground. Our faculty team includes leading experts from the Computer Science department, Statistics and Mathematics department, and the Poole College of Management.

IT Professionals

Working at all levels of information technology, regardless of educational background and experience, has never been more prominent in the modern-day workplace. Companies and organizations across all industries are fighting to stay ahead of the curve in management decisions, acquisition, sales, technology, talent management, and digital transformation. As an IT professional, you may need to expand a base set of skills in coding, machine learning, AI, data visualization and communication, or totally endeavor on a new path within your current or future career goals. Our data science training courses are specifically designed and administered with the IT professional in mind. Browse the courses below to learn more about specific course content, logisitics, and availability.

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Our introductory level (Level 0) courses in Practical Data Science and Foundations provide a base level of knowledge on the field of data science and will help prepare professionals with a data science background to determine their readiness for the levels 1-3 courses. Based on client feedback, we have developed two options for the Level I Data Science course. For those professionals who thrive in a continuous learning environment, our Level I Data Science (Full Course) is given in consecutive weeks for up to 20 weeks and covers basic statistics, machine learning, and applications. For professionals whose busy schedules are not conducive to a single continuous time commitment, we offer the same exact course material broken out into three distinct module courses. More specific information on our full course and module course offerings are below.




Practical Data Science


Covers fundamental Data Science concepts and underlying principles with a practical, hands-on approach.



Level 0 – Foundations


Learn fundamental elements of Data Science and Analytics. Topics: R Programming, Vector and Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Probability.

DS 1
Full Course



Level 1 – Data Science


Intensive 18-20 week course in Machine Learning, Applications, Data Mining, and Statistics, as well as the Data Science problem-solving.




Level 1 – Data Science Modules


Covers the same material as Level 1 – Data Science, but broken into 3 distinct segments allowing greater student flexibility and time commitment.




Level 2 – Advanced Training


Courses designed for students who complete Level 1 and desire to deepen their Data Science and Analytic Acumen.

Business Leaders

Data Science ChartManaging teams is a complex task where motivating forces are often inconsistent and team members are often spread around the world. Add to that the ever-growing need for business leaders who have not had specific types of data science training and must manage teams of data scientists and programmers tackling acute business challenges. Our data science courses in this series are designed specifically for individuals needing an over-arching knowledge of data science principles, methodology, taxonomy, and communication, without getting into the proverbial coding and programming weeds. In our For Leaders course, you’ll work a current business challenge your business or organization is facing as you move through our course to maximize your time and investment. As you look through the course descriptions below, keep in mind that our world-class faculty have the ability to tailor the curriculum and instruction towards your lines of business, it’s challenges, and other areas of expertise not necessarily highlighted here. Our customization process is quick and easy, and we are eager to provide you with the training that best fits your needs.




Practical Data Science


Covers fundamental Data Science concepts and underlying principles with a practical, hands-on approach.




Data Science For Leaders


A three part series specifically designed for Business Leaders in Data Science. Enhance your perspectives, knowledge, communication, forming the right data science question, and learn how to build the most effective problem solving teams to tackle your greatest business challenges. All this done without learning to code…but we can teach you that too!

Current Open Enrollment Programs

See courses currently in open enrollment, start dates, course information and registration. For more information on open enrollment please contact us.

Open Data Science Series – Spring & Summer 2018

IT ProfessionalsProposed Dates
(subject to change)
Open EnrollmentRegistration
Practical Data Science (Part I – Fundamentals)May 2 - May 23SpringRegister Here
Practical Data Science (Part II – Methods)June 6 - July 11SpringRegister Here
Practical Data Science (Part III – Predictive Insights)July 25 - Aug 22SummerRegister Here
Level 1 – Intro to Data ScienceMay 7 - Sept 17SpringRegister Here
Level 1 - Data Science: Applications (Modules)May 7 - June 4SpringRegister Here
Level 1 - Data Science: Machine Learning (Modules)June 18 – Aug 6 SummerRegister Here
Level 1 - Data Science: Statistics (Modules)Aug 20 – Sept 24SummerRegister Here
Level 2 - Advanced: Machine Learning*TBD 2018TBDTBD
Level 2 - Advanced: Statistics*TBD 2018TBDTBD
Level 2 - Advanced: Applications*TBD 2018TBDTBD
Business LeadersProposed Dates
(subject to change)
Open EnrollmentRegistration
Practical Data Science (Part I – Fundamentals) May 2 - May 23 Spring Register Here
Practical Data Science (Part II – Methods) June 6 - July 11 SpringRegister Here
Data Science for Leaders IMay 10 - June 14
July 12 - Aug 16
Register Here
Data Science for Leaders IIMay 8 - June 12SummerTBD
Data Science for Leaders IIIJune 26 - Aug 7SummerTBD


Our faculty team includes leading experts from the Computer Science department, Statistics and Mathematics department, and the Poole College of Management.


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