Risk Management

Our Risk Management programs enhance participant knowledge of the top-down and strategic nature of enterprise risk management (ERM) (versus lower level risk management issues and compliance nature) to help all see the connection to strategy and governance. They also expose participants to governance and risk management methodology and related tools for doing an ERM service engagement.

Past clients: Deloitte, KPMG

Risk management programs are delivered in partnership with the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative.

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Overview of Key Topics

Below is a sample of some of the key topics we can include in your custom program:

An Overview of ERM

  • Distinguish the enterprise-wide approach to risk oversight from traditional risk management activities in organizations
  • External drivers for ERM
  • Role of ERM in corporate governance

Embedding ERM into the Strategy of an Organization

  • How ERM is designed to be a strategic tool
  • Developing a risk oversight process that integrates potential emerging risks into the design of an organization’s strategy and produces ongoing information about potential emerging risks
  • Need for key risk indicators to serve as leading indicators of emerging risks

Overview of Core Elements of Effective ERM

  • Start with understanding objectives and core strategies
  • Processes to identify risks, responses to risks, key risk exposures
  • Importance of top-down leadership (Board and CEO buy-in) and organizational culture
  • Articulating risk appetite and risk tolerances