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Many clients today seek solutions that provide both leadership development as well as organizational solutions. This demands a context-based learning process that provides a clear ROI for investments in learning and development, by framing new skill development within the participant’s organizational context.

What is truly unique and valued by our partners is the level of flexibility in our design and delivery process, including on-going adaptations to organizational and market changes. Our program directors have an average of 20 years experience working with clients on program design, and are dedicated to leveraging our experience to maintain relevant and effective program activities over time.

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The NC State “Think and Do” mentality is pervasive in the design and delivery of our custom programs. Clients recognize this as a differentiator from our peers.

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This course had far more applicability to what I do at work versus the 26-day program I took at Harvard. That program had great merit, too, but I’m confident this program will provide a greater return on investment.

Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) participant, Strategic Leader Program