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Welcome to NC State Executive Education. At NC State, we think and do.

NC State Executive Education creates developmental experiences that integrate faculty expertise with applied learning activities. Through custom-designed solutions, collaboratory workshops or open programs, our participants learn how to successfully address real-world problems and issues – from leading teams to leading organizations in today’s complex world. Our goal is simple – that ALL participants have actionable knowledge and skills they can apply immediately after program completion.

Of particular value for many clients is our success working with technically-trained experts whose career development requires new skills in business model development, financial acumen, internal/external analytics and leadership capabilities to lead growth and improvement projects.

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Upcoming Events

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Mar 01
Wednesday | 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors

1070 Partners Way, Raleigh, NC 27606, USA 
Anyone who is responsible for getting work done through others must learn to balance the need to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as possible with the need to develop the employees’ abilities to act more independently. This 4-hour class will arm supervisors and managers with the tools they need to successfully coach their employees and their teams. Faculty: Scott Brown

Outcomes: Participants will...

- Learn to analyze what your employees need from you and choose an approach to meet that need
- Develop you ability to identify & act on opportunities to develop your employees within the normal workday
- Practice using basic coaching skills to strengthen your employees’ connection to the mission & the organization
- Develop a plan of action to apply your new coaching skills back at work
Mar 15
Wednesday | 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

FastTrack Series: Developing Accountability in Your Teams

12 Davis Dr, Durham, NC 27703, USA 
Organizations can only reach their true potential when people are accountable for their actions. Too often organizations suffer from a culture of hiding & blaming, which keeps them from excelling. Having a culture where the right people are doing the right things is no accident – it requires thoughtful planning & disciplined leadership. Faculty: Scott Brown

Mar 22
Wednesday | 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

FastTrack Series: Strategy Matters at Any Level

12 Davis Dr, Durham, NC 27703, USA 
Strategy is about the future - how to create and capture value for customers in the years to come. Rooted in today, but informed by the trends, forces, and opportunities of tomorrow. Learning how to think strategically is essential in a world where competitive advantage is fleeting. This FastTrack session is designed for working professionals at all levels - strategic thinking is not just for the boardroom. Faculty: Greg Hopper